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Happy Monday my friends!  I hope the weekend was good to you!  Ours was mellow- we saw 3 movies and spent some good QT with friends.  Not too much to report there.  Ok, on to today’s post!  I never tire of denim and denim, or denim with chambray, and all the variations thereof.  I’ve probably worn this very outfit (or very similar) at least 3 times in the past 15 days.  For me it’s the epitome of comfortable, effortless style.  My favorite kind.  Also, I’ve had my eye on these jeans since January.  After ruthlessly weeding through my denim collection recently I decided that I needed to revisit them- and lo and behold- they were on sale during the SHOPBOP friends and family event- majorly!  And in my size, the last pair!  Quicker than you can snap your fingers they were in my cart and on their way!  Thank you denim gods, thank you kindly.  xx- Sarah

Shop this outfit:  pants: Alexa Chung for AG (here and here), shirt: Tommy Bahama, shoes: Zara (old), bag: Meli Melo, sunglasses: Karen Walker, bracelet: Miansai


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Raspberry Cashew Yogurt (Vegan + GF!)


I will admit I was a sceptical about the concept of vegan yogurt because, well- YOGURT!  It’s such a distinct flavor and consistency, the idea that it could be replicated with nuts just didn’t seem possible.  BUT!  BUT!!!!!  It’s yogurt my friends, it really truly is.  And it’s heavenly.  More like a thick creamy Greek style than a lighter yogurt- and that’s what I prefer anyhow.  As if that weren’t enough- it’s super easy to make.  So, for all of you who avoid dairy and miss yogurt- this is for you.  Load it up with in season fruits, swap out the raspberries for blueberries if you’d like, toss on a handful of granola- just go nuts!  Enjoy and for my stateside friends- happy holiday weekend! xx- Sarah


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Surprise Summer Sneak-Away


One of my favorite things to do for Lou is to surprise him with weekend get-aways!  In the past I’ve told him to pack a bag and prepare to be away for the weekend, with specifics like “bring a book to read”, “pack a bathing suit”, or “you’ll need a sweater”.  But I dream of one day just packing his bag and heading out for the weekend with him having ZERO CLUES!  The thing is, he’s a way better at packing than I am, he always remembers to bring things like a candle to make the hotel room smell nice, or a bluetooth portable speaker so that we can play music outside if we go for a picnic.  He’s just always way more prepared- I’m always the ones asking him to borrow a scarf or if he remembered to pack an extra toothbrush for me (he always does).  So today, in partnership with Birdling Bags I’m sharing what Lou would pack for a Summer weekend get- away!  (And they’re offering readers 10% off all orders with the code HOUSE10!)

First up:  Lou and I are both obsessed with this compartmentalized weekend bag- I have it in this color.  The canvas is such high quality, the compartments are great for keeping shoes seperate (always the struggle with duffle-type bags!) and it’s exactly the perfect size for a weekend away!  And we love the front pouches for misc, items that get lost in a duffle.  Lou usually packs three pairs of shoes- a pair for dressing up, his go-to Vans, and a pair of sneakers for any outdoor adventures we may have.  He also packs his favorite jeans, tee shirts, and dress shirts as well as his glasses (something I would TOTALLY HAVE FORGOTTEN IF PACKING ON HIS BEHALF), sunglasses, chapstick, book, magazines and an old point and shoot film camera that we take on vacations.  There it it my friends, a perfectly packed weekend duffle for a man!  Now, start planning your weekend getaway surprises- it’s one of those amazing gifts you give to someone else that is SO much fun for yourself too!  Happy Summer!  xx- Sarah


Smashed Bellini Cocktail

Try to resist this cocktail, just TRY!  Muddled peach nectar, Hangar 1 Straight Vodka (how beautiful is that bottle?!), lavender infused simple syrup and a little sparkling water- it just screams DRINK ME!!!! Summer is upon us and this cocktail needs to happen for everyone! Vodka is my favorite spirit and Hangar 1 Vodka is so good that I almost feel bad for mixing it.  Almost. But not enough to keep me from finding ways to mix it into cocktails for my guests for the rest of these Summer days!  Hope you love it as much as I do!  xx- Sarah  PS- I have to also acknowledge the beautiful styling by Hostess Haven and photography by my sweet husband- they knocked it out of the park on this one, right?!  So, so pretty.  I’m very fortunate to have such creative geniuses in my family.


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June Skincare Picks With BeatuyKind


As you may know this year I became mildly obsessed with everything beauty related, so today I’m sharing the line of skincare that I’m MOST loving at the moment!  Patyka is a French skincare line that’s organic, refined and luxurious.  I’ve been using the Foaming Cleanser, Moisturizing Mask (so great for Summer when I’m getting extra sun!), Ultra Rich Radiant Face Cream (I love the lightness of this daytime face cream and how quickly it absorbs into my skin), Repair Night Serum (the smell is heavenly and the oil has been deeply moisturizing without causing breakouts)  and Supreme Defense Fluid (which is light and refreshing).  They’re all amazing!  My skin feels moisturized, soft and seems to be more glow-y.  I swear they’re saving me while I sort out my health issues.  And on days when I feel extra blah it feels like I’m treating myself just by washing my face and doing the face-mask, or applying the defense fluid.  AND, they’re from BeautyKind, where each purchase you make raises money for your charity of choice!  Read more about that here if you want to know more.  It’s a really incredible retail model for beauty- I’m so happy to be contributing.  Hope you love!  xx- Sarah

Kitchen Refresh With True Value Part 1


Hello my friends, happy Thursday!  I’m beyond excited to share our kitchen refresh with you today in partnership with True Value- can you even believe what a difference new paint job, cabinet hardware and a few other small alterations made to our space?!  You may remember from our empty home tour that the kitchen is the room in the house I’m least in love with, which is a big deal for me since I love to cook!  The room was dark and felt tiny and cramped in spite of it’s decent size.  We’re planning on knocking down the wall that separates it from the dining room and opening it up to the strange little room beside it someday down the road.  That project will be a full-on renovation where we completely reconfigure the space- and something we’ll be saving our pennies for!!!  In the meantime I was desperate for a way to make it a little more our style- and wasn’t afraid of a little bit (or a lot as it turned out) of labor to get it there!  Below I’m sharing all the steps we took to transform our worn and dated cabinets into a more modern incarnation of themselves- and the other changes we made to update the space.  I’ll share the other side of the kitchen and the updates we made there soon!  I hope this inspires your own DIY adventures!!!  xx- Sarah


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