Veggie Sliders and PACT Cranberry Water


One of the most important parts of staying healthy, for me, is hydration.  I drink water like I’m in the Sahara- every day!  So when Ocean Spray® introduced me to their PACt™ cranberry extract water I was excited for a new way to mix up my hydration game.  Using the powerful nutrients found in cranberries, PACt cleanses and purifies the body better than water alone.  And to celebrate the launch of PACt, Ocean Spray and Maria Menounos are hosting a beach bash on Thursday October 23rd in Hermosa Beach- complete with yoga, pilates, barre and various other complimentary fitness classes.  Fun, right?!  Register here to reserve your spot!  And when you’re done working up a sweat on the beach, may I suggest these veggie sliders?  They’re healthy, tasty and a perfect treat after a hard workout.  Here’s to making as many healthy choices as we can!  xx- Sarah         This post was produced in collaboration with Ocean Spray.  Thank you for supporting our sponsors!

Veggie_patties_A_House_in_the_Hills-19 Veggie_patties_A_House_in_the_Hills-5 Veggie_patties_A_House_in_the_Hills-18

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Inspiring Spaces


Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  I’m deep into searching for home inspiration for wherever we land next.  I know it’s a bit premature but it’s so much fun I can’t help myself.  Here are some spaces I found to inspire us all!  Let’s hope this helps combat those Monday blues.  I need every trick under the sun to help me this week!   xx- Sarah  sources : 1 / 2 / 3 /


Friday Links


Happy Friday everyone!!  So I have a little update on the house selling- we accepted what turned out to be a too good to be true offer 3 days after we listed the house and went into escrow.  At the very last minute the buyer backed out because of personal reasons, and we’re back at square one.  But because we have such a load of work/travel commitments these next couple of months, we took it off the market until January when we can actually put our energy into a move again.  Selling a house is insanely stressful, I had no idea!  The first (and only) days it was on the market were insane- we were grabbing the pups and running out of the house every couple of hours for showings, fielding calls from our realtor about potential buyers and generally just running around like chickens with paper bags over our heads.  It was a wild ride!  But now that we know what to hopefully expect, we can be a little more prepared when the new year rolls around.  So that’s that.  We’ll enjoy this insanely lovely house for a couple more months and see what happens in January!  And if you have any tips for surviving a house-sale and move, I’d love to hear ‘em!  Ok, I hope you all have a relaxing, yummy, fun-filled weekend!  Links after the jump….xx- Sarah  {image via}

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Steel-Cut Oats and Cinnamon Stewed Fruit


This breakfast was inspired by one we had at our friends Farra and Juan’s house one morning that I’ve been making regularly ever since- it’s the most hearty, delicious, warming breakfast that’s perfect for these cool days of Fall!  It started my love affair with steel-cut oats, prior to which I’d been kind of meh about and reaffirmed my love of figs, apples and cinnamon.  Oh me oh my, it’s a good one!  And if you run short on time in the mornings, you can make this over the weekend and heat up the leftovers in the mornings during the week!  And you can mix it up with such a huge variety of toppings – I included a list for inspiration in the recipe.  Ok, have at it my friends!!  xx- Sarah

Steel_cut_Oats_A_House_in_the_Hills-16 Steel_cut_Oats_A_House_in_the_Hills-17Steel_cut_Oats_A_House_in_the_Hills-12

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Style Round Up – Black on Black


I’ve got a thing for wearing all one color.  And by thing I mean deep burning love.  I don’t know if it’s the simplicity of it, or the ease in getting dressed, or if the appeal is really just that it almost never fails! Whatever it is, I don’t care.  I’m going to continue to embrace monochrome until my very last day, I know it.  Viva all black everything!  And, in case you’re in the mood for some dangerous shopping, Shopbop is having one of their epic sales- 25% off sitewide with the code FAMILY25!  I’ve already gotten myself into a little bit of trouble.  My favorite kind of trouble.  Have at it!   xx- Sarah {more and sources after the jump}


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Pumpkin Fizz Cocktail


Happy Monday!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  It’s the month of pumpkins and costumes and all things scary and sweet!  SO, of course, this pumpkin fizz cocktail is perfectly appropriate!  It would be such a fun drink to serve at a Halloween party- so festive and colorful and fun!  Ok, so who is going to have the party, make the cocktails and invite me?  Because our entire lives are going to be packed up during Halloween this year, which is a tragedy of sorts, right?  I probably won’t even get to wear a costume (playing the world’s tiniest violin for myself).  So I’m asking all of you who celebrate Halloween to celebrate it extra hard this year, the little extra for me!  Thank you in advance!!!  xx- Sarah  {This post was produced in collaboration with Sarah Dickenson}

Pumkin_fizz_cocktail-5 Pumkin_fizz_cocktail-1

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