Shoes and Bags and Skirts Oh My!


Happy Monday friends, I hope you had a great weekend!  Today’s outfit is really just an excuse to wear two things in my closet that I’ve been dying to get out for a spin- these IRO sandals that I stalked like a panther in the night until they went on crazy sale a couple of months ago (fear not my shoe lovers, I’ve also stalked these IRO beauts and they’re also on crazy sale and just as great!) and this bag that I have been dying over and wearing non-stop since it arrived.  There’s nothing I love more in my closet that bags and shoes.  They speak my language, they perk me up, they turn my outfits into things I want to dance in.  That’s somethin.  Just like this skirt.  Until tomorrow…. xx- Sarah

SHOP THIS POST: bodysuit: American Apparel, skirt: Karina Grimaldi (here in camel), shoes: IRO (similar style here ), bag: PB0110, glasses: Karen Walker, bracelets: Kristen Elspeth, Miansai)

IRO_sandals_A_House_in_the_hills-4975 IRO_sandals_A_House_in_the_hills-4977 IRO_sandals_A_House_in_the_hills-4979

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On the Wishlist : Home Edition


Happy Friday my friends!  We’ve made a bit of headway on the projects around the house.  And 50% of me is dying to show you and 50% of me wants to keep it a surprise so there can be a big reveal.  Not like I’m Oprah or something and YOU ALL GET CARS, but just like a regular old- hey isn’t this fun to see kind of surprise .  I’m terrible at not blurting things out, but I kind of love the torture. What do you think?  I shared progress posts with our last home (like this one) that showed what small changes we made before we arrived here and then finally, here.  But I’d love to hear your thoughts…. would you want to see little updates or do you prefer I pounce on you with a big surprise reveal where everything is pretty-fied?!  (I will not literally pounce on you I promise)

But I will ruin any chance of complete and TOTAL surprise by telling you we have a few of the things on my wishlist are in transit!  {MONKEY COVERING MOUTH EMOJI}  I guess I won’t totally ruin it and tell which things…. BUT I AM SO EXCITED!!!!  Ok, have a great weekend, you!  I’ve got a list of links I’m lovin for you after the jump!  xx- Sarah

Sources: Antique Brass Shelf Brackets, Bronze Orbit Chandelier, Rhys Club Chair, Grey Otomi art, Brass plant pot, Hexagon Tiles

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High Waisted For Ever


I actually think I might start making high-waisted a denim closet requirement.  Would that be weird of me, to only wear jeans that hit at least an inch above my belly button?  It’s just that I find them so flattering.  And leg-amplifying.  If that’s a thing?  It is a thing, it must be!  Anyway, I posted these a couple of weeks ago on my Spring wishlist, and then I manifested them straight on into my closet.  #noregrets  They’re amazing.  I’ll have to pack them away for the weekend though because it’s supposed to be NINETY DEGREES!  What the actual —-????  I’m sorry if you live somewhere cold and that sounds lovely and I’m being a jerk.  But we moved off the surface of the sun for a little coastal breezy Southern, CA winter and this 90° business is just not what we signed up for!  Someone, please anyone, invite me to your woodsy cabin where the snow is just starting to melt and little flowers are trying to find their way out of the ground so I can remember what Spring is like….  xx- Sarah

Shop this outfit:  jeans: MOTHER, tank: Hilfiger Denim, bralette: Free People, shoes: Dolce Vita (other wedges I’m loving here (on sale!) and here), sunnies: Karen Walker:  bag: Chloe

Mother_Denim_A_House_in_the_Hills-72 Mother_Denim_A_House_in_the_Hills-77

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Coconut and Passionfruit Rice Porridge


This may VERY well be the easiest, yummiest dish that I’ve ever made.  And with only six ingredients and one pot required- there’s pretty much no excuses.  YOU HAVE GOT TO EAT THIS.  The tropical flavor of coconut mixed with the tart sweetness of passionfruit and kumquats- it’s just heavenly.  In fact, I’m pretty sure this is the first thing they serve when you reach the pearly gates or whatever beautiful place we land when we leave this world.  I’m not a prophet, but I will tell you this- this food is divine.  Eat up, enjoy, be well my friends!  xx- Sarah  {dishes from VIETRI, here and here)

coconut_rice_porridge_A_House_in_the_Hills-63 coconut_rice_porridge_A_House_in_the_Hills-64

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BeautyKind X Butter London


Happy Tuesday my friends- I have great news!  BeautyKind is now stocking Butter London, my favorite nail product line.  Not only are the colors so fun (and last longer than any other polish I’ve tried aside from gels) but all of their products are free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, phthalates and parabens.  I’m a smitten kitten!  I use the entire collection below- the scrubbers to remove polish and prep my nails, the cuticle oil to moisturize, the base coat, polish and top coats to finish the job!  Lately I’m all about pastels, nudes, and a matte finish.  With as many rings as I have fingers-ha!  My favorite colors at the moment are this one, this one and this one (the sampler set below is a quick way to try out the brand if you’re not familiar- and the “green fairy” I’m wearing in the photo above is included- it’s so good!)  And my fallback color is always this red.  It’s just never not perfect.

And in case you forgot, BeautyKind let’s you designate a charity of your choice when you sign up to shop- and 5% of every purchase you make is donated to that charity.  And then as you refer your friends- you earn points.  Each point is a $1 to shop, and each friend they refer earns you a point ($1), up to five circles deep.  Do you see what I’m getting at?  Tell your friends, get your friends to purchase their beauty products at a site that allows everyone to give a little back and earn dollars to shop for new nail colors!  It’s genius, really.  BeautyKind is still a new company, but they’re adding products every month and we have the power to help them grow to be an online beauty retail powerhouse that stocks all our favorite brands!  When you add up all the money we ladies are spending on beauty products, that 5% that can go to the charities WE CHOOSE is a big deal.  So c’mon my friends, let’s do this!  xx- Sarah

Butter_London_Beauty_Kind_A_House_in_the_Hills-58 Butter_London_Beauty_Kind_A_House_in_the_Hills-59

Win a trip to NZ with Air New Zealand!

From the time I was a child I dreamed about visiting New Zealand- it lived in my mind as a magical, awe-inspiring place.  This was before they filmed Lord of the Rings, but in every photo I saw it looked like an absolute wonderland.  When I started looking into colleges- you can bet that the one at the top of my list was in Auckland. I didn’t go because I was too intimidated to take such a big leap straight out of the nest, but I did make it one of the first vacations I took as an adult.  A girl friend and I rented a camper van and spent two weeks exploring the north island (the south island is still calling my name, I WILL get there!)  It was one of the best vacations of my life- we ran amuck, had grand adventures, saw the prettiest sights,  jumped into cold lakes in the middle of the night, hiked through the most beautiful rain forests, tried sand boarding, made friends (one that would later become my long distance boyfriend for a year!), ate incredible food and generally just had the time of our lives.  I wish I could pass along recs- but we did absolutely no research besides reserving the camper van before we arrived and we just followed our instincts through the entirety of the trip- so I may have not even known where we were while we were there!  I’m very often a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants traveler.  But if any of you have any recs, please leave them in the comments for those planning trips and for my next one!!!

Right now Air New Zealand is running a promotion where some very lucky folks will win their own New Zealand adventure!  Watch the video below, enter the contest, and if you win- bring me, OK?!   PRETTY PLEASE!!!  And for those of you that don’t win, Air New Zealand is offering flights starting at just over $1k round-trip- adventure is calling!!  Below the video are some of our vacation snaps and a few little blurbs- going through the photos was such a treat, it brought me right back to all the fun!  Enjoy and GOOD LUCK!!!!!  xx- Sarah

Air_New_Zealand_A_House_in_the_Hills-97 Air_New_Zealand_A_House_in_the_Hills-79

CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THIS IS REAL?!  It is.  I was pinching myself.  I may not remember everything but I do remember that.


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