Ginger Mojito For All Your Summer Bevvy Needs


I’m missing cocktails something hard these days- the sun is shining non stop, there’s that evening breeze that makes a hand without a cocktail feel just wrong, and, well frankly, being pregnant makes me want to imbibe. Since I’m showing necessary restraint, having only a glass of rose here or there, I thought I’d woo you all with the drink I’d be having were I not concentrating on growing the healthiest human I can manage. The ginger mojito. Sparkling ginger ale adds just the right amount of pep to a classic mojito, and the sweetness is jusssttt riiiigggghhhtt. So without further torturing myself, photos and recipe below! xx- Sarah

Ginger Mojito For All Your Summer Bevvy Needs


  • 1 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
  • 2 oz rum
  • 1 cup crushed ice
  • 12 mint leaves
  • Redd's Ginger Brew or other high quality ginger ale/beer


  • in glass (8-10oz) add in lime juice, mint leaves and 2oz. white rum with ice and stir for 15 seconds.
  • Fill remainder of glass with Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew.
  • Garnish with a large sprig of mint and enjoy!

Pregnancy Styling


Hi friends!  My belly has really taken on a life of it’s own now that I’m six months in (wide-eyed emoji)!  But that’s appropriate I suppose!  I picked up a few maternity staples early on in my pregnancy and have managed to make my closet work for me up until this point, largely in part because aforementioned pregnancy staples were  this skirt in black and white that I paired with every top I own.  But now it’s time to pick up a few pieces to carry me through the final months- and stubbornly I’m avoiding maternity wear at all costs.  I want to be able to wear whatever I buy after our little boy arrives.  Is that crazy of me?  Here are some dresses I’ve got my eye on- dresses I think could work both in pregnancy and that I could wear once my belly is gone.  But I’m new to this, so moms if you think I’m delusional and should count on my belly not squeezing into anything non- maternity please, please tell me!  Links for everything above, and a bunch of other dresses I have my eye on, below….  xx- Sarah


Summer Vegetable and Bone Marrow Frittata


If you had told me three years ago that I’d be adding bone marrow to a frittata, I would’ve asked you where you were getting your drugs.  HA!  But the times, they’ve changed.  And here I find myself searching for ways to incorporate as much bone marrow (from organic, pasture raised, happy cows) into my meals as possible to reap the many rewards of it’s deeply nutritional and healing properties.  You see, as our ancestors well understood,  bone marrow is chock full of incredible minerals (calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium to name a few) and vitamins (specifically the most important A, D, and K) that are critical for healthy thriving.  Our ancestors appreciated the bits and bobs of the animal that we have since stopped eating- the organs, the marrow, the FAT.  They somehow instinctively understood that these parts of the animals contained an abundance of nutrition critical to healthy humanity.  And I personally love knowing that nothing is being wasted- we’re eating every bit of the animal we can get our hands on.  This makes sense to me in so many ways.

While I love eating bone marrow roasted and sprinkled with salt, I also love the idea of sneaking it into other meals to increase the amount of it that we’re getting.  I’ve been making the beef stock from the Gjelina cookbook (it’s heavenly and now that I’m mentioning it I should note that the cookbook is my all time favorite).  The recipe calls for 5 pounds of beef shanks, all of which have marrow in them.  I also add two long split marrow bones that I get at the farmers market to the pot.   I’m careful when I’m making the stock to not stir the shanks/marrow bones and when it’s done I gently remove the shanks and collect the marrow from the bone centers.  This is what lands in this frittata, after sitting in the refrigerator and firming up a bit.

Now, are you wondering how this tastes?  Because ultimately that is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!  And the answer:  it’s flipping delicious!  The marrow sort of blends in with the goat cheese and egg, adding a richness to the flavor that isn’t overt.  It would be a brilliant way to sneak bone marrow into your family if they find it to be suspect.  And the asparagus and tomatoes add the sweet taste of summer that finishes it off perfectly.  I love it, and I think you will too!  xx- Sarah


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GAPS Diet For Healing


Hi there friends!  There were a lot of requests for me to write about my experience with the GAPS diet on this post, so even though it’s a bit delayed I’m really happy to finally do so!  First and foremost, as you may know, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in January 2011 (you can read more about that history here if you’d like).  I’ve been on a determined path of healing since that moment.  I’ve managed to avoid hospitalizations and medications while also enjoying improved health for the better part of 5 years since my diagnosis through various lifestyle/dietary changes.  I’ve had some bumps in the road, but when I think back to the day I found out my diagnosis and the doctor who told me I would most likely need to have portions of my intestines removed I feel grateful that all that I’ve tried to do with alternative treatments has kept me out of the hospital and my intestines in tact!  Crohn’s Disease can be debilitating, and my heart is with anyone who is suffering.

As I mentioned before, pregnancy triggered my digestive issues and so I started trying to troubleshoot with dietary adjustments once more.  This brought me back to the GAPS diet which was developed by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride and based loosely on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD).   Dr. McBride cured her son of Autism utilizing the GAPS diet and has helped 1000’s of children and adults heal since that time.  Her story is pretty incredible, and if you’d like to learn more I highly recommend her book for an in depth explanation of what she discovered in her quest to heal her son.  Her research led me to Weston A. Price and his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.  All that I’ve learned from their extensive research and knowledge has been LIFE CHANGING!  One more book I can’t recommend enough is Nourishing Traditions, the first chapters give a very clear and simple breakdown of nutrition and the rest of the book is full of such important information alongside delicious recipes!

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Patio Decorating!


Hi friends!  Summer is going strong here in San Diego and we’ve been spending every minute we can outdoors, the warm nights sitting around chatting with our neighbors until the sun goes down are my favorite!  And I’m thankful for every day that’s not sweltering as my belly grows larger and larger by the second, turning me into a living furnace!  All of this outdoor fun has sparked an obsession with decorating our patio and making it functional for outdoor living.  Right now it’s a blank slate with a table (chairs are TBD), a few plants sans pots, a hammock and these cafe lights strung above the pergola.  But I have dreams!!!  And they involve something like the above….  there are so many cute options for outdoor decorating these days!  I’d love to have an area for lounging- a couch, some chairs, a coffee table.  And of course for us a dining space for entertaining is a must and a place to sit around a fire is a strong bonus.  Lastly, no home of ours is complete without a hammock.  One of life’s most simple and lovely pleasures is, in my humble opinion, hammock lounging.

On another note, do you remember our Palm Springs backyard?  TAKE ME BACK!!!  Except DON’T!!!  Because it’s 1 trillion degrees and the cicadas are probably buzzing like crazy right now.  But I sure do miss that backyard!!!!  Happy Summering my friends!  xx- Sarah

Chair  // Windchimes  //  Plant Pot  //  Pillows  //  Lanterns (on sale!)  //   Firepit  //  Planters  //  Pillows



Hi friends!  This pregnancy really took it out of me for the first 20 weeks or so, and now I feel (at 22 weeks) like myself.  Or at least a rounder, slower, but still capable version of myself.  Which is such a JOY, I’ll take it!  I’d heard from so many friends and moms that the second trimester is amazing, but I spent half of mine asleep!  It took me a bit longer to shake off the first trimester fatigue but now that I have I see what everyone is talking about.  And now that I’m awake the NESTING INSTINCT HAS HIT ME LIKE A TSUNAMI!!!!  I’m in the kitchen so much and when I’m not I’m puttering around the house/yard and daydreaming about what our life will be like with another family member soon!  It’s such a special time, I’m soaking it up!!

I thought I’d welcome myself back with a little recipe post.  And I’m hoping to be hanging around here more often- it felt so good to have my creative hat on and I realized how much I missed this space (and all of YOU!).  I’ll write more soon, I promise!  But for now- this salad, for all your throw-together-meal-night needs.  It’s light, flavorful, easy, healthy, and feels indulgent in spite of all of it’s simplicity.  And stone fruit- I eat it like a professional when it’s in season.  I can never get enough!  It’s also perfect to bring to potlucks and bbq’s because it’s just so pretty that your friends can’t help but love you for it.  I hope you enjoy!   xx- Sarah


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