DIY Fireplace Makeover with True Value


I’m so excited to be partnering* with True Value to share some DIY projects that we’ve been tackling around this old house to make it our own!  I’m sharing  how we dove right into the project of transforming the bright red (oddly faux-finished) fireplace in our living room!  This post is the first of four, so there’s a lot to look forward to and I hope they’re helpful and inspiring for your own home projects!  And if you’re looking for more DIY inspiration – check out True Value’s #DIYaDay Instagram challenge starting Monday! They’ll be sharing simple DIY ideas and giving out great prizes all month!  All you have to do is follow and tag @TrueValue in a photo or video of your DIY project (there will be different themes each day) and use #DIYaDay.  I’ll be participating in a few of the challenges so you can see more of my smaller projects on my Instagram too!

I’m a firm believer that paint is the easiest, most affordable way to make HUGE changes to a space.  It’s my go-to if there’s need for improvement in a room.  So, spoiler alert: these DIY’s will all involve paint!  Ok, let’s dive right into it- this red fireplace with what appear to be faux bullet holes covering it from top to bottom- NOT our jam.  Not our jam at all (see more of the empty room and red fireplace here).  I was thrilled to discover that the previous owners had painted the rest of the room a creamy white.   Meaning that at one point THE ENTIRE ROOM INCLUDING THE CEILING WAS THAT COLOR RED.  {insert wide-eyed emoji face}  Even though it was an easy project to complete, the impact on the space was HUGE.  It felt like a whole new living room.  That’s my favorite kind of DIY!   See photos below for more of the transformation and then click through for instructions on how to tackle a project like this!  xx- Sarah

Decor Sources: Chairs, Pillows, Pouf, Tripod PlanterFireplace Screen, Candle Holders  (all other items are vintage, were picked up in our travels or are unavailable for retail sale that I’m aware of)


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Spring Cleaning!


Greetings my friends!  I’m currently reading The Life-Changing Art of Tidying Up (alongside almost every one of my friends and possibly a good part of the rest of the internet!)  Are you familiar?  It’s amazing!  Like, as the title states, LIFE CHANGING AMAZING.  The principle of the book is that we all have way more things than we actually need or use, and these things weigh us down and clutter up our lives- not just physically but mentally and emotionally.  The solution for this, according to the author, is to go through every item in the house and ask if when you look at it and hold it in your hands, it sparks joy.  If the answer is NO, the item goes.  {Read more after the jump!}

I was a little suspect at the beginning of my process, thinking that since my closet is so organized there was just no way that purging it would make me happier.  But purge it I did and OMG!  Walking into the space and having LESS CHOICES is actually hugely liberating!  Every single item in that room is something I LOVE and will wear- not maybe someday wear or might need for a very specific special occasion wear but something I’d 100% wear- and most of it I’d wear TOMORROW.  The truth is that less is actually more when it comes to a wardrobe, and things in general- and that the real joy comes in having only things that you LOVE LOVE.  There were somethings that I thought- no, this doesn’t necessarily spark joy but it’s necessary (ie: trashcans) and so I had my own approach of do I NEED it when it came down to more utilitarian items.  The books is incredible (at times funny and a little kooky too).  It will certainly make me a far more discerning shopper- I will be asking so many more questions of myself before I buy- such as: Do I need this item?  Will it spark joy in 6 months from now?  A year?  Or am I buying it to just spark a little joy right now and will need to purge it shortly thereafter?

We’re having a garage sale on Saturday and I’ve spent the better part of the past couple of days going through the house- every cupboard, drawer, closet, nook and cranny finding the items that don’t “spark joy” or aren’t 100% functional/necessary to have and putting them in a pile to prepare for the sale.  You’d be amazed at how large the piles are.

And the BEST thing is happening- I feel lighter!  The energy in our house feels lighter!  I’m feeling an itch to go further, to have even less.  And to replace the utilitarian items that I have and don’t love with those that I do (hello flatware, knives and mortar & pestle- I’ve got my eyes on you!)  This has just been such an amazing experience that I had to share it with you!  Wishing you all the very best with your own Spring cleaning projects!  xx- Sarah

Home Decor Round-Up!


Happy Wednesday my friends!  I’m very much in the thick of decorating still and scouring the interwebs for all of the pretty things, so today’s post is a few favorites I found at Candelabra!  As usual I’m a fan of organic, modern and all gold everything!  And mixing them all is my absolute favorite.  Friday I’ll be sharing the second half of our living room, and our fireplace makeover,which I’m extra excited about!  Since we’ve moved my nose has been to the ground trying to tackle project after project and it’s so fun to see some of them wrapping up and be able to share with you!  Ok, have a great day and happy decorating!  xx- Sarah { 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // }

Tommy Bahama & SELF Magazine #3

Hey friends!  I’m back with more Tommy Bahama/Self Magazine goodness today in part three of my four post series where I share some Spring/Summer beachy fashion inspiration and exercises to get you in shape for my new favorite sport-stand up paddle boarding!  {Play catch up here and here if you missed}

Ok, let’s start with these pants.  Crazy good, RIGHT?!  I’m pretty much wearing them non-stop.  High waisted, comfortable, adorable- they check all my boxes.  And on beach days, with this top, I’m just thinking it doesn’t get much cuter (except those two girls running into the ocean with their floaties!)  Click through for the second part of the post- exercises to work that upper body!  Hope you love!  xx- Sarah    {Photos: Lou Mora}

SHOP THIS POST: Pants, Bikini Top, Bracelet, Swim Bottoms, Bikini Top, Rashguard, Paddleboard 

a_house_in_the_hills_Tommy_Bahama-6 a_house_in_the_hills_Tommy_Bahama-7

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Friday Links


Happy Friday my friends!  For those of you celebrating a long weekend- horray!  I hope you’ve got some fun on the books!  We’re in the middle of house projects (we may never again NOT be in the middle of house projects, I’ve come to realize).  Good thing we like  good project!  HA!  But we’ve also got some time with friends and some other fun ahead.  Lastly, I just want to thank you.  Thank you for showing up here and reading.  Or just looking… I know that there are those of you who just look at the photos and bounce- I’m grateful for you too.  And below, some links I rounded up for your weekend entertainment.  I love them, I hope you will too!  xx- Sarah {image via}

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May Grey Survival Wear


The most effortless outfits are always my favorite.  Case in point- this romper.  It’s a throw-on piece, it’ll always work and can be dressed up or down. Layered with a jacket it’s my go-to for these May grey days we’re having where it starts out gloomy and cold but mid morning turns into a perfectly sunny beautiful day! And the Lulu Frost traveler pin (which happens to be my new favorite accessory) adds the perfect little pop to the waistband, don’t you think?  Happy styling my friends!  See you mañana.  xx- Sarah

SHOP THIS OUTFIT:  romper: Joie (on sale!), shoes: Joie (also on sale!), bag: Chloe, pin: Lulu Frost, sunnies: Karen Walker (similar)

a_house_in_the_hills_joie_romper_lulu_frost_pin-7 a_house_in_the_hills_joie_romper_lulu_frost_pin-10 a_house_in_the_hills_joie_romper_lulu_frost_pin-9 a_house_in_the_hills_joie_romper_lulu_frost_pin-6