Remote Printing Our Vacation Snaps With Canon PIXMA!


As a child I was obsessed with photos, OBSESSED.  I would take pictures of our family pets, our home, flowers, my friends, our dinners and have them printed- in doubles!  My dresser drawers housed more photos than they did clothes, it got a little out of control. As an adult the obsession continues, but now that photos live on my phone and computer rather than in film and prints, I would appear to be a little less of a hoarder.  A few years ago though I realized that I missed the experience of  looking through stacks of photos, or flipping the pages of albums.  There’s nothing that brings a memory to life more to me than a photo and it’s amazing how much of our lives we forget.

I started a tradition of printing all of my favorite photos from the year and putting them in beautiful leather albums to give to Lou for Christmas.  I made it one year (and I love that one year’s album SO MUCH!).  Years two and three I had all of the photos printed, bought the albums but never managed to tape them into the books.  They’re still sitting in stacks tucked away in a drawer.  I KNOW!  Terrible.  That’s why I was so excited to learn about the Canon PIXMA MG7120 Wireless Inket All-in-One Printer and the PIXMA Printing Solutions App.  It’s changing my game with the technology they developed that allows you to print from anywhere!  Yep, that includes social platforms like Facebook/Twitter and storage platforms like Dropbox!  Lou and I were recently in LA for a couple of nights for a little work, a little play and as usual we took a million photos.  I chose my favorites and printed them from my phone, my laptop and Lou’s phone.  When we got home all of the photos were in my office in a neat little stack in the printer, waiting for me to tape them into our album.  GENIUS, right?!   Organizing and taping a few at a time into our album is totally manageable and at the end of the year all of our photos will be in order, all of our memories in tact and if I was a betting lady I’d say I’ll be VERY proud of myself.  This is life changing for a photo hoarder like myself who has a tiny problem with organization and sometimes lacks follow through, LIFE CHANGING!  xx- Sarah  {see more of our getaway snaps after the jump as well as a few of our must-visits in East LA!}

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Shades of Grey


Happy Monday!  Hope you all had a great weekend and are rested up to tackle this last week of August (still cannot get over how fast the Summer has gone by)!   I’ve been dreaming lately of filling my closet with neutrals- it would make getting dressed SO easy- and the closet would be so pretty.  Ok, I was inspired by this closet vignette.  It’s so good, right?!  Could you do it?  Could you pare down and commit to a life of neutrals?!  I am certainly feeling tempted!  xx- Sarah

Shop this Outfit:  skirt: Jacquemus (sold out, but another that I love here), top: Viva Aviva,  shoes: Stuart Weitzman, sunglasses: Stella McCartney, bag: Heather Heron (similar), bracelets:  Alexis Bittar, Giles & Brother, rings: Gabriela Artigas, Elizabeth and James

white_grey_A_House_in_the_Hills-6 white_grey_A_House_in_the_Hills-5 white_grey_A_House_in_the_Hills-1

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Friday Links


Happy Friday everyone!  I’ve mixed in a healthy dose of food inspiration with my other loves- decor, style and travel for this week’s roundup.  I hope you enjoy!  Wishing you all a weekend of relaxation, happiness, and lots and lots of love.  And tons of cuddles with your lovers, pups, kiddos and kitties too, for good measure.   xx- Sarah   {links after the jump, images via}


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Strawberry Gin Sour


August is flying by, right?  Can you believe we’re sneaking up on September so quickly and soon we’ll be drinking warm ciders and wrapping scarves around our necks?!  I’m trying not to get ahead of myself with my Fall excitement levels.  So to keep things in the realm of Summer fun I’ve got these Strawberry gin sours for you!  Pretty incredible, yes?  I’d serve these at an end of Summer soiree or, let’s be honest, I’d drink them solo whilst watching really god-awful reality tv.  #classy  #honest #canthelpmyself!  Hope you love ‘em!  xx- Sarah  {This post was produced in collaboration with Sarah Dickenson}

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Instagram Round-up!


If you love scrolling through your Instagram and seeing beautiful and inspiring photos as much as I do this post is for you!  I’ve picked four favorites to share today- starting with the amazing Andrea Dabene who takes the most stunning photos.  I’m especially obsessed with her #thatlittleskirt series seen above- so whimsical and charming!


French fashion blogger Adenorah’s Instagram is a fashion feast for the eyes.  If you’ve ever wanted to see what the life of an insanely chic French girl is like, this is your chance!   (click through for the last two!)

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I shared my obsession for all white everything here and this will not be the last you see of it.  Because this skirt and these shoes and I LOVE ALL WHITE ALL YEAR LONG!  Same same? And can you even believe that we’re creeping up on the end of August?  I can’t!!!!  But I am looking forward to mixing it up with a Fall wardrobe and may or may not have already started adding Fall/Winter pieces to the closet.  Better than procrastination?!    Carry on with your Tuesdays my friends, until mañana!  xx- Sarah

Shop this outfit:  Skirt: Cameo, Blouse: Equipment, Shoes: Stuart Weitzman, Sunnies: Stella McCartney, bracelets: JCrew (old) and Alexis Bittar, rings: Jules Smith, Losseliani

white_on_white_A_house_in_the_hills-3 white_on_white_A_house_in_the_hills-4 white_on_white_A_house_in_the_hills-6

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