Happy New Year!!!


Happy New Year everyone!!!!   I hope you had fun celebrating and magical midnight kisses!   2014 was a tough year, for myself and so many of my loved ones- with such intense highs and lows!  Was it the same for you?  I feel a tremendous amount of relief that it’s behind us, and so much gratitude for this fresh start!  I have high hopes for you, 2015!  I’ve been at a cabin in northern California with some friends for the past week (seen here).  It feels like the perfect way to let go of 2014 and roll into the new year!  And Lou and I had our annual lobsterfest wedding anniversary celebration (I’m from Maine, so eating lobsters brings back a lifetime of memories).  This Bloody Mary we made the morning after was the best I’ve ever had.  (I promise I will try to get Juan to share his amazing recipe with us all soon!)  And then Farra styled it so beautifully I couldn’t resist a few snaps.  All of this to say- leftover shellfish tucked into your favorite Bloody Mary is life-changing.  AND, I’m wishing you all a 2015 full of love, laughs and really fucking delicious food and drinks.  xx- Sarah

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  1. Rose D'Angelo Designs|

    Happy New Year! I pray that 2015 is a blessed year for all of us!!!

  2. Brittany|

    That Bloody Mary looks like the ultimate brunch drink. Yum!
    2014 was a pretty good year overall for me, but I’m definitely hoping 2015 is even better. Wishing the same for you! xoxo

  3. Melissa|

    Happy New Year, Sarah! Same goes for me – despite some wonderful accomplishments, 2014 was a challenging year. I, too, was happy to send it off & am welcoming 2015 with hopeful arms. Wishing you a wonderful new year. You always inspire me so much & I am grateful to have found your beautiful site. Hope to run into you again in San Diego soon! xo

  4. Lynn | The Road to Honey|

    That Bloody Mary is the most gorgeous cocktail I have ever seen. I hope you can sweet talk Juan into sharing the recipe. My hubby loves Bloody Marys and I think this one might earn me wife of the year status.