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Pistachio-lemon Israeli Couscous | Tara O'Brady

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas celebration!  I’m popping in quickly with some tasty  links for your weekend and then it’s back to professional relaxing for me!  Merry Merry my friends!  See you next week.  xx- Sarah {image via}

In case you haven’t completely overdosed on pumpkin by now-  pumpkin waffles!

This pull apart bread looks absolutely divine!

An apricot barbecue sauce that might blow your mind!

Cream of broccoli and cashew soup.  It sounds crazy enough to be totally delicious!

This please, for breakfast.  And dessert.  And then breakfast again.

This Thai curried butternut squash soup looks perfectly warming and tasty!

Someone make these chocolate fudge pistachio cake donuts for me!  Because O M G!!!!!

Or, I would also accept these chocolate chunk raspberry spelt muffins.

Crispy cauliflower tacos with mango salsa!  Yum!!!

And another cauliflower dish that looks delectable!

I’d like to have a go at this everything white bean hummus, too.


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