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Here I go again with another Australian home that is BLOWING MY MIND!  But really, it’s amazing right?  This Sydney apartment was renovated by C+ M Studio and put up for sale fully furnished.  That’s a dream!  Oh Australia, you’re always winning and I love it!  Make sure to click through to see more of this stunning home, you don’t want to miss it!   xx- Sarah  { images via }

Est-Magazine-CM-Studio-Feature Est-Magazine-CM-Studio-03

Est-Magazine-CM-Studio-04 Est-Magazine-CM-Studio-08 Est-Magazine-CM-Studio-07 Est-Magazine-CM-Studio-06 Est-Magazine-CM-Studio-05

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  1. Catherine|

    I LOVE this. But is it just me or is it weird to buy a house fully furnished? I would just feel like I was living a show home! But then again…I want EVERYTHING in it exactly as it is, so maybe not weird after all! x