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We all survived Monday!  Do you feel that way this week, that surviving yesterday was a major accomplishment?  Because I do.  Like, someone should probably hand me a gold plated statuette of a superhero.  I would also accept a plate of cookies, let’s be honest.  But enough about that- today is a new day and this is a beautiful home to be inspired by!  I hope you love as much as I do.  xx- Sarah {images via}

RT-Edgar-Mayfield-Ave-WP004-©-Tara-Pearce-Est-Magazine RT-Edgar-Mayfield-Ave-WP007-©-Tara-Pearce-Est-Magazine

RT-Edgar-Mayfield-Ave-WP001-©-Tara-Pearce-Est-Magazine RT-Edgar-Mayfield-Ave-WP006-©-Tara-Pearce-Est-Magazine RT-Edgar-Mayfield-Ave-WP005-©-Tara-Pearce-Est-Magazine


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  1. eavan elizabeth|

    Inspiring interiors is probably my favorite part of your blog. You always mange to find spaces that somehow mange to be modern, elegant and worldly all at once. Thanks for sharing as always!

  2. Darla|

    Where are the yellow chairs from? Also what kind of pup is that? So cute! The house is great too!

  3. elisabeth|

    Can you tell me the source of the dining table yellow chairs in 09/09/14 post?