simple wins again!

here’s the thing: i like simple for my every day wear.  when it comes down to it, i’m realizing there’s not much i like more than a great blouse and some jeans that make me feel like a zillion bucks {well, coupled with pretty accessories and a handbag i covet).  jeans: marc jacobs via shopbop, blouse: parker via shopbop, bag: chloe via net-a-porter, belt: club monaco via shopbop, shoes: dolce vita, necklace: vintage, watch: marc jacobs, bracelets: stella and dot, trina turk earrings: maya brenner *ps- when i say handbag i covet, i mean that i have had my eye on that bag for over two years, squirreling away my pennies to buy it. i consider it an investment piece, i know i’ll have/use it until someone pries it from my dead body. **photos by lou

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  1. WhatWouldGwynethDo|

    Great jeans! It seems I am always in skinnies these days, but a good flare is so lovely, need to break my habit. Love the green, too, it's one of my favorite shades du jour.

    - @wwgwynethdo

  2. SHB|

    Hi Sarah – don't mean to be a rude – but how do you considered the bag an investment piece ? A lot of women say that about an accessory like said bag – and I just don't get it. When I think of investment I think of squirreling away pennies and then investing it in something that would give me a high return :) Of course the pleasure could be considered a high return too :)) I just never got the term 'investment' piece. Just wanted to hear your thoughts.

  3. sarah yates|

    thank you thank you all!
    SHB, not rude at all! i get what you're saying.
    i don't think of this as an investment that will make me money, i think of it as one that will save me money! i would rather save up my pennies for one amazing bag that will last me a lifetime than buy a few bags every year that will get worn out and fall apart. so i think over time i'll save money on having fewer high quality items than more throw-away pieces, and this bag is a perfect example of that. hope that answers your question! :)

  4. SHB|

    It does answer my question and is a perfect reason for my to give my husband now when I want to justify an expensive item :)) Thank you, thank you !!

  5. Marionberry Style|

    You look classic and gorgeous! Beautiful photos… I just love a fabulous clean-lined jean with a blouse. It really is so simple but it works so well. And the bag is beyond perfect. I am right there with you on saving your pennies for something that is truly timeless and versatile that will really never go out of style.

    LOVE your blog!
    XO – Marion